Service Agreement

Terms and Conditions

1  Definitions

  1.            1.1  You / Your / Participant refers to the participant in this service agreement.
  2.            1.2  We / Us / Our / Maple Plan refers to Maple Plan Pty Ltd.

2  Your responsibilities

     You agree to:

  1.           2.1  Tell us immediately if your NDIS Plan changes or you are no longer a NDIS participant.
  2.           2.2  Tell us if your personal details changed.
  3.           2.3  Work with us to make sure our supports meet your needs.
  4.           2.4  Tell us if you have any concerns, feedback or complaints. You can find out how to do this on our website at or you can find this in your important information included with this document. You can also call one of our friendly staff on 03 9512 6700 to discuss.
  5.           2.5  Accept responsibility for all payments made, based on your authorisation or that of your authorised representative, and that you may be requested to repay funds that the NDIS deem not to be the best funded by the NDIS. Any payment you later determine to be unauthorised will need to be recovered from the provider, by you, and returned to your plan funds.
  6.           2.6  Report payment disputes to us. While utilising your plan to receive supports, there may be situations where you disagree with the cost of an invoice. If this happens, it is important that you notify us as soon as possible so we can stop payment, or only make part payments where appropriate.
  7.                  Under consumer regulation, a provider is entitled to be paid for the good and services they have provided. If you believe that an invoice has an error, Maple Plan will process the payment to the amount you agree with. You can enter a dispute resolution process with the provider for the amount in question.
  8.           2.7  Approve your invoices in a timely manner. Unless you have organised a ‘Standing Authority’, we will seek your approval via email and phone before any payment is made. Only invoice(s) received from your registered email, or your authorised provider will be accepted as approved. You may update this information by telling us in writing or by phone.
  9.                  We will make and record details of three (3) attempts over 5 days to contact you for authorisation. If you fail to respond to these requests, we will consider the invoice to not be in dispute and process the payment to the provider.

3  Our responsibilities

     We agree to:

  1.           3.1  Provide you with the Plan Management Financial Intermediary Supports as defined on Schedule A.
  2.           3.2  Provide you with invoices and statements for the supports that we pay using your NDIS Plan .
  3.           3.3  Listen to your feedback.
  4.           3.4 Work with you to resolve issues quickly and effectively.
  5.           3.5  Operate within NDIS guidelines and policies in relation to incident reporting, privacy, and complaints. You can refer to these policies on our website at or you can find this in your important information included with this document.
  6.           3.6 Not process invoices that we determine to be outside the guidelines and principals of the NDIS.

Invoicing and payment

  1.           4.1 Maple Plan fees are taken directly from your NDIS Plan under Improved Life Choices (Support Category 3.14 on NDIS Price Guide). You give us permission to make a service booking and make payment request / claim on this fund, as per Schedule A when the service is rendered.


5  Goods and Service Tax (GST)

  1.           5.1  Our supports under this Service Agreement is a supply of reasonable and necessary support specified in the statement of supports included, under subsection 33(2) of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 (NDIS Act), in the participant’s NDIS Plan currently in effect under section 37 of the NDIS Act.
  2.           5.2  If applicable you must pay any applicable GST on fees for supports at the same time and in the same manner as the fees.


Information you give us

  1.          6.1 Maple Plan takes in good faith for the information provided by the participant/authorised representative to be true and accurate, and that claims presented by Maple Plan are a true reflection of goods and services provided to the Participant in line with the NDIS guidelines.
  2.          6.2 Your authorisation of invoices, acknowledges your agreement that the goods and/or services received meet the reasonable and necessary guidelines set-out by the NDIS, are funded in your plan and will assist in meeting one or more of your stated goals.


Terminating this Agreement

  1.           7.1  This service agreement may be terminated by either party giving adequate notice (14 days).
  2.           7.2  You can end this service agreement without giving adequate notice if there is a consistent and ongoing failure by us to provide supports.
  3.           7.3  We can end this service agreement without adequate notice if:

    1.      7.3.1  our invoice remains unpaid by its due date; and/or

    2.      7.3.2  your funded supports are no longer in your NDIS Plan.

    3.      7.3.3  Maple Plan suspects that a Participant or Provider has engaged in conduct that is outside the guidelines of the NDIS.

    4.      7.3.4  Maple Plan believe your actions or those of anyone representing you is negatively impacting the health, safety or wellbeing of its staff.

  4.           7.4  After this service agreement ends, confidentiality and privacy obligations may still apply.

Changing this Agreement

  1.           8.1  This service agreement may change from time to time. Maple Plan will provide reasonable notice of change(s) to you.


Information being used and disclosed

  1.           9.1  In order to provide a mutually beneficial service to you and your providers, we may disclose relevant information to your providers to facilitate payment of their invoices. For example we will advise your providers when:

    1.     9.1.1  your support category has been exhausted; and/or

    2.     9.1.2  we are not plan managing a specific category; and/or

    3.     9.1.3  your plan is frozen due to a NDIS Plan review; and/or

    4.     9.1.4  we can’t make a claim from the NDIS, we will provide the reason given to us by the NDIA; and/or

    5.     9.1.5  you have not authorised the invoice.

  2.           9.2  We will also provide relevant and reasonable information to your providers to help them get paid. Reasonable information is not personal or confidential information but rather information such as directing them to the    NDIS, NDIS price guide, and practise guidelines as available on the NDIS website.

  3.           9.3  Your Personal Information will only be disclosed in line with our privacy policy this can be found on our website at or you can find this in your important information included with this     document.

  4.           9.4  By signing up with our service you acknowledge that you agree for us to release relevant and reasonable information to your providers. If you do not agree, please email us at [email protected]



Schedule A – Support Provided by Maple Plan


     As a NDIS Registered Service Provider, Maple Plan’s fees are regulated by NDIA.

     Maple Plan will provide Plan Management – Financial Administration as follows:

          • Make a claim on the NDIS Portal for the Supports provided by the participant's provider that is Plan Managed.

          • Endeavour to claim from the NDIS portal within 3 business days of receiving a Provider's invoice that meets the information required to process and the Participant have an active plan to cover the period.

          • We will seek your approval before any payment is made either via email or by phone unless you have selected to apply our "Standing Authority". Only invoice(s) received from your registered email address will  be accepted as approved. You may update this email by telling us in writing or by phone.

          • Pay the Provider within 2 business days of receipt of a successful claim from the NDIS Portal and after approval received from you.

          • Provide information on claim outcome to the Participant, Authorised Representative and Provider accessible via Maple Plan Gateway.


       Maple Plan will charge the fee defined on Table 1 for the support rendered or the amount shown on the plan, whichever is lower.


       Table 1 – NDIS Price Guide Extract for Plan Management - Financial Administration



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